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Kyle MacIlvain reached out to Broadway Lab after seeing an article about our story and how we work. He was a member of the Vennu team, a small group of hustlers looking to make a name for themselves in the event space. Unfortunately, the developer they started working with left them in the middle of development without a finished product and no direction on where to go.

After an introductory phone call with the team, we were able to understand the purpose of the application, the vision of the team, and where they wanted to take the product.

The Project

We quickly learned our teams were a great fit for each other and that we could help each other determine the ideal feature set and vision for the product.

Usually, when you inherit a codebase from another team, there's an initial shock about the structure of the codebase and some necessary cleaning up to do. This was no exception. We determined what code was reusable and what needed to go. After digging in, we were able to determine an accurate estimate on the project and focus on what was achievable in a few sprints.

After two weeks of development and another few weeks of testing and bug fixes, Vennu was ready to launch their initial product on the App Store. They had seen more progress in the development of their application than ever before.

The Result

After the initial launch, we worked with the Vennu team to develop a list of feature sets for Vennu 2.0 and beyond. A few months after the initial launch, we were able to ship a few minor updates and a major 2.0 release. We're excited for what the future holds for Vennu and are fortunate to work with such a great team. Visit their website to learn more about Vennu.