Creating a beautiful native Android experience for Business Customers.

Founded in 2011, ReviewPush works with Google, Public Storage, TGI Friday's, and some of the largest brands in the world to actively monitor their online reviews in one easy to use dashboard. ReviewPush wanted to build a rich experience on Android to delight their high value clients.

With new features in progress on iOS and the web, they needed a team with intimate knowledge of the Android platform. We were fortunate to work with the ReviewPush team to deliver a beautiful Android experience for their business clients.

The Project

Broadway Lab reached out to ReviewPush to determine an initial meeting. ReviewPush was looking for a team that could dive in to make assessments on the current state of the code base and build new features. It sounded like we would be a great fit, so we began working together. Our first task was to get familiar with the product and analyze the status of the code base. We found spaghetti code, poor performance, inefficient UI, and inconsistent UX. Our first task was to revamp the networking layer and improve caching for better performance.

Once code was restructured and the codebase was stable, emphasis was placed on building modular material components that could be reused across other applications and components. Maximizing flexibility for ReviewPush and their clients.

Broadway Lab has done a great job of migrating our current web features to our mobile app on Android and Android Wear."
Lee McNiel, Founder of ReviewPush

The Result

ReviewPush was able to deliver a leading mobile experience for review monitoring customers. Initiatives from Broadway Lab have lead to other product opportunities and tools for developers.

If you're a business owner with a consumer-facing franchise, get started with ReviewPush today. To view our work on the application, check out ReviewPush for Business Owners on the Play Store.