Building the Premire Social Network for Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Life kicked off when Mark Welsh and Charlie Russell teamed up with Senior Fantasy Analyst and New York Times bestselling author, Matthew Berry, to build a social network for fantasy football fans.

Mark and Charlie met with Broadway Lab to discuss the idea and determine how to effectively deliver the new product to market. Working with somebody as high profile as Matthew, we knew the product would gain traction. The challenge was building a product that would stick with users.

The Project

We began a three month product iteration cycle where we mapped out ideas for the product, developed a rough prototype in a matter of weeks, and determined the critical feature set required to launch. The process with the Fantasy Life team was hands on and face to face.

After prototyping the initial version and getting feedback from testers and stakeholders, we overhauled the user experience and put on the finishing touches.

Fantasy Life initially launched with quite a bit of success. A successful PR campaign showcased the app on ESPN, the Howard Stern Show, Product Hunt, and other news outlets. For version 2.0, Fantasy Life was featured by Apple as one of the best fantasy sports apps.

Broadway Lab not only was detailed oriented about the technical side of the project, but they also understood the business goals of our app. He saw the complete vision of our product."
Mark Welsh, Co-founder of Fantasy Life

The Result

The Fantasy Life team executed on the initial vision and was able to achieve funding and to build a growing network for fantasy football players. We were able to help execute the transition from consultancy to full-time development team. To download Fantasy Life, visit their website