We're on a mission to build better software that drives business results.

After a few years of hacking on side projects and learning how to program, Michael started Broadway Lab as an organization to freelance through. After helping a few clients successfully, demand for his time grew. To meet the demand, he hired on a few other people to help with overflow. Ultimately, the failures from bolt-on hiring lead him down the process of building a scalable, systematized business and a team that was proud of their work and excited to show up every day.

Broadway Lab has been fortunate to work with dozens of clients including Fortune 500, leading startups, and wholly owned small/mid-size businesses.

Team Values

We’re only in business because of the results we get our clients. If the value of what we produce doesn't exceed what we're paid, then they will either leave us or go out of business. We have to do what’s right for our clients, use our time wisely, and be effective in our work.


As a team, we want to be proud of the work we build, and we want our client to be proud to show it off.


People make mistakes (including us). Making a mistake once is totally acceptable. Making repeated mistakes is not. We acknowledge the mistakes we make, adjust so we don’t make the mistake again, and compensate the client accordingly when it affects their business.


We’re believers in the nomadic life and that you can be productive from anywhere. Some of the most talented engineers are not in Silicon Valley or New York, and we love working with them.

Powered by a small team, large organziations can get the results of a startup and be leaders in corporate innovation."
Michael Fellows, Founder of Broadway Lab